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BNTECHNO was founded with the mission to cater cutting-edge and high-quality web solutions at affordable prices. The company was started with the aim to provide highly-customized solutions and round the clock maintenance services to clients without going over budget. We are proud of the fact that we have some of the best PHP, Web Development and Search Engine Optimization Experts in Kolkata and we work hard to ensure that our clients get the best web solutions that will help them grow and thrive.

We can take care of all your web needs and provide end to end web solutions that are highly customized. We are well known for our web hosting, website design, PHP web application development, search engine optimization and content writing services – basically everything you need to get a top-notch, highly-effective website. Our company strives to provide top-quality services at only affordable rates and we make sure that our solutions are delivered to clients on time, every time. Our team of programmers, web developers and web designers are highly knowledgeable in the latest web technologies and have years of experience in the web technology sphere.

Unlike our competitors, we do not believe in quantity but in quality. We are always looking to build long lasting relationships with clients instead of accumulating numerous one-time customers. In fact, we have succeeded in building robust relationships with clients as we have a list of clients who have been working with us constantly for long years. Instead of focusing on finishing the job and delivering the solutions to clients haphazardly, we analyze our clients’ needs and requirements to develop and deliver web solutions that will work for our clients in the long run. We want our web solutions to help our clients’ businesses grow and adapt to latest technologies.

A company website often forms the first impression and the only marketing tool for the company. We believe that every website and web application that we build should be both aesthetically appealing, dynamic, intuitive and highly functional. Over the years, we have delivered high-end web solutions that are highly robust, secure, scalable and easily customizable. We have worked with a number of clients from all over the City of Joy, Kolkata and from various industries, domains and professions. Not only are our websites feature-packed, stunning and easy-to-use, they are also very search-engine friendly. We have a highly skilled Research and Development team that is dedicated to finding and using the latest web technologies and this is why we are able to provide clients with the best web solutions possible.


Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide superior quality and cost-effective web solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations every time. Our web solutions are not only dazzling and extremely appealing, but they are also highly customized to meet your unique goals, objectives and needs. We combine our expertise, latest technologies and creativity to ensure that clients get the best web solutions possible to help them stand out from their peers and competitors. We want our clients to be highly visible on the Internet and have a wide reaching online presence. This is why we make sure that our web development team works closely with our search engine optimization or SEO team to ensure that our web solutions are highly optimized for search engines. We realize that Google is the most popular search engine right now, but we make sure that our clients’ websites are optimized for other search engines too like Yahoo!, Bing, etc. Better search engine visibility equals more web traffic, which results in more conversions!

To attract as much web traffic as possible and to make it easier for our clients to manage the web solutions themselves, we design high-quality and highly attractive logos for our clients and we also use open source software and technologies to build our web solutions. We don’t end our services with the delivery of web solutions! We offer 24 x 7 support and maintenance services to help clients deal with any unforeseen and common problems. Our web development and SEO professionals are highly motivated and passionate about our clients success and they make sure that every website and PHP web application is highly customized and unique to each client.